Fight Back Against Govt Trying To Shut Down Independent Clinics

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced new rules for how health care payments will occur. The final rules are yet to be released despite a 2017 program start date.

A large concern is CMS is intentionally targeting small, independent clinics. The initial program rules show a heavy bias for large hospital systems. In fact, CMS paradoxically estimates that 87% of solo physicians will see a negative payment adjustment after the first year.   The rule is clearly more favorable to large groups; CMS estimated only 18.3% of groups with 100 or more eligible clinicians will be penalized. Another way to describe the situation is more than 80% of clinicians in groups of 100 or more members are projected to earn a bonus based on how CMS is writing the rules.

What to do about our federal Medicare agency rigging the rules to favor large hospital monopolies? Please support your local, independent physicians. Our local ownership and accountability directly to you provides superior customer care; we daily strive to earn and keep your trust. When was the last time the CEO/Owner of a hospital system called you personally to relay results or answer questions? We do that every day – for you. Support independent doctors to keep us serving you.