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Welcome to Treasure Valley Family Medicine

We are an independent, military veteran owned business, and we offer you the missing ingredient to great health and wellness – comprehensive primary care grounded in a personal relationship. Why? Relationships developed over time and not limited by short appointment slots are the magic mojo which allows Family Physicians to connect, educate and keep you living life to the fullest.

A Completely Different Approach

We are an independent comprehensive primary care clinic. This gives us the ability and and flexibility to provide the exact amount of care, time and the comprehensiveness that each patient needs. By being independent, we're able to save you money. Hospital owned clinics are able to put on a facility fee which is on top of your additional charges; we don't charge that bill. When you have multiple physicians taking care of you and each is taking care of just one or two things they often don't talk to each other. Things can get dropped or duplicated and when you have one person… "one captain of the ship" then we're able to make sure that everything is coordinated together. By offering longer appointment times and focusing on comprehensive care, we're able to make sure that you can have fewer visits, fewer co-pays and better coordinated care overall.

We are also proud to offer direct primary care, (primarily to those without insurance in Idaho at this time.) It is a monthly subscription model, similar to a cable bill or cell phone bill - for one low flat fee per month, you are able to receive all the services that we are able to provide in the clinic.


  • We LOVED Dr Crownover. Top notch care and very nice person! Took our personal beliefs into account and didn’t force medication and shots as the only viable way to being in excellent health. He is FOR SURE our new primary care doctors. Way to go Independent physicians of Idaho!

    Anonymous Patient

  • Keep up the great work!! This valley needs more stellar examples of your motto structure and overall excellent facility.

    Anonymous Patient

  • The staff are always friendly and concerned. Professional but yet very easy to talk with them.

    Anonymous Patient

Meridian Medical Services

At Treasure Valley Family Medicine’s Meridian, Idaho medical clinic, we offer a wide variety of services to suit our patients needs. Everything from immigration exams to commercial driver's license certifications, chronic disease management, women's health care, children's health care, contraception, vasectomy, intrauterine device insertion, orthopedic steroid injection, skin biopsies, psychiatric medication management, and more. We also work with developmentally delayed adults and children and we see many autism patients as well.

  • Appointments should last long enough to address all your concerns, so that is how we set them up.

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  • Right Amount Of Care The Right Way. Whether face to face or something that can be resolved by phone …

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  • Comprehensive Care Is Not Just A Slogan. See our full list of services.

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