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Welcome to Treasure Valley Family Medicine

We are an independent, military veteran owned business, and we offer you the missing ingredient to great health and wellness – comprehensive primary care grounded in a personal relationship. Why? Relationships developed over time and not limited by short appointment slots are the magic mojo which allows Family Physicians to connect, educate and keep you living life to the fullest.

A Completely Different Approach To Family Medicine in Meridian, Idaho

We are an independent comprehensive primary care clinic. This gives us the ability and and flexibility to provide the exact amount of care, time and the comprehensiveness that each patient needs. By being independent, we’re able to save you money. Hospital owned clinics are able to put on a facility fee which is on top of your additional charges; we don’t charge that bill. When you have multiple physicians taking care of you and each is taking care of just one or two things they often don’t talk to each other. Things can get dropped or duplicated and when you have one person… “one captain of the ship” then we’re able to make sure that everything is coordinated together. By offering longer appointment times and focusing on comprehensive care, we’re able to make sure that you can have fewer visits, fewer co-pays and better coordinated care overall.

We are also proud to offer direct primary care, (primarily to those without insurance in Idaho at this time.) It is a monthly subscription model, similar to a cable bill or cell phone bill – for one low flat fee per month, you are able to receive all the services that we are able to provide in the clinic.

A Few Of Our Client Testimonials

Meridian Medical Services

At Treasure Valley Family Medicine’s Meridian, Idaho medical clinic, we offer a wide variety of services to suit our patients needs. Everything from commercial driver’s license certifications to chronic disease management, women’s health care, children’s health care, contraception, vasectomy, intrauterine device insertion, orthopedic steroid injection, skin biopsies, psychiatric medication management, and more. We also work with developmentally delayed adults and children and we see many autism patients as well.

  • Appointments should last long enough to address all your concerns, so that is how we set them up.

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  • Right Amount Of Care The Right Way. Whether face to face or something that can be resolved by phone …

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  • Comprehensive Care Is Not Just A Slogan. See our full list of services.

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The Meridian Family Medicine Landscape: Choosing Your Family Practice

Meridian medical clinic statsAs of January 2020, independent doctors in the Treasure Valley numbered 70 Family Physicians and 10 Internal Medicine doctors, according to the Independent Doctors of Idaho. According to Health Grades, there were 524 Family Doctors within 25 miles of the Meridian area. Out of all these Doctors, only two are military veteran owned business, and only one is listed on Veteran Owned Business’s Meridian, Idaho listings.

Our research also indicated that TVFM is 1 of only 3 Meridian family medicine offices offering Direct Primary Care. If you’d like to learn more about how Treasure Valley Family Medicine and our Meridian clinic differs from other local doctors, please click on the image snippet above (or here) to see the full graphic on the statistical landscape for Meridian family medicine clinics and doctors. Also, see how our Meridian, ID doctor and staff stack up to the competition with reviews & ratings below.

Apply for the Treasure Valley Family Medicine 2021 Primary Care Scholarship

Click Here to Display the Application for the Treasure Valley Family Medicine 2021 Primary Care Scholarship

NOTE: Do Not Send Inquiries Via Email Or Call About This Scholarship.
Only applicants who have followed these instructions, submitted the form below & qualify will be considered for this award.


The Treasure Valley Family Medicine 2021 Primary Care Scholarship is intended for Mountain West residents and recognizes outstanding children of U.S. military active duty or U.S. veterans who demonstrate thoughtful insight and solutions regarding U.S. medicine. A $2,000 scholarship for post high school education will be awarded to the top essay  on "how can we improve primary care medicine in the USA?" Child must be a legal dependent of a parent who has served, reside in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming or Colorado, be a high school senior between the ages of 15 and 19 at the time of submission, and provide proof of age and "military brat" status. 


  • Applicant is a U.S. citizen currently residing in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming or Colorado,.
  • Applicant must be enrolled to attend a trade school, college or university in the fall semester of 2021 at the time of scholarship payment, and provide proof of enrollment, OR risk fund forfeiture to the runner-up. 
  • Academic achievement must meet a minimum 3.0 GPA, and applicant must be due to graduate no later than the spring of 2021.
  • In order to apply for the Treasure Valley Family Medicine Primary Care Scholarship Program, an applicant must submit the following items on or before 15 May 2021:
    • A completed scholarship application form. (Located Below On This Page).
    • A one page typed essay answering "how we can improve primary care medicine in the USA". 
    • A certified, official copy of your high school transcript.

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