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Vasectomy is an outpatient clinic procedure that makes a man sterile (permanently unable to get a woman pregnant). It involves blocking the sperm transport tubes (vas deferens), so that sperm cannot be released during orgasm. It is more effective than tubal ligation for women, and MUCH less invasive than internal pelvic surgery in the hospital.

Vasectomy does NOT:

Vasectomy is meant to be IRREVERSIBLE. It is only for men who clearly are done fathering children. Men should NOT plan on sperm banking or a reversal procedure, if they are truly ready for a vasectomy. While reversal is a possibility, it is expensive, difficult microsurgery that typically is not covered by insurance.

Why receive your vasectomy at TVFM? Dr. Crownover has performed hundreds of no-scalpel vasectomies for over 20 years. He has taught dozens of resident physicians how to perform the 30-minute outpatient procedure. Many patients have said afterwards, “my dentist was more uncomfortable”, and “that was much easier than my buddies promised”.

Cost will surprise you. Many insurance plans will cover most or all the amount. For those without insurance or who have high deductibles, we challenge you to call around town; our direct CASH discount price will beat any Urologist in the Treasure Valley.

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Still have unanswered questions about vasectomy procedures, recovery time, or what to expect? Check out our vasectomy infographic by clicking on the image below. Also feel free to contact us with additional questions.


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