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Bariatric Surgery: Sleeve gastrectomy is the most frequently performed procedure locally to help patients lose weight, when behavioral and medication options have failed.

Why use surgery? It is the most effective intervention with an average weight loss of 30-35% of peak weight, and it is maintained in approximately 60% of patients at 5 years out.

How does surgery help? The sleeve procedure reduces the volume of the stomach to restrict the amount of food required to produce satiety (full feeling). In addition, cranial nerve X – the vagus nerve – has branches clipped off during the procedure which have independent effects, potentially MORE important the restriction of stomach volume.

Effects of Reduced Vagus Nerve Action:

Who Qualifies for Surgery?

How to Find a Weight Loss Surgeon?

Treasure Valley Family Medicine can assist you in reviewing the various options. We recommend working with a local surgical expert, such as those that have helped many of our other patients, but we recognize not all insurance plans cover bariatric surgery. In such circumstances, cash pricing with a local independent surgeon can reduce the price by 2/3; this path still allows access to the full support team prior to surgery, and up to one year post surgery. Independent physicians (like TVFM) will almost always result in big savings compared to hospital owned clinics; cash pricing for hospital-based services is typically only reduced 1/3, compared to the 2/3 price reduction available with independent bariatric surgeons in the Treasure Valley. If even these options are outside your budget and you are contemplating medical tourism outside the USA for surgery, please see us to review the pros and cons of this choice along with pitfalls to avoid.

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