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Diabetes mellitus is a disease which results from a consistently high level of sugar (glucose) in a person’s bloodstream. Some glucose is necessary as fuel for the body, but too much acts like honey – it gums everything up and sticks to important organs, causing them to break down. The reason sugar can build up is a lack of effective insulin – the key hormone needed to unlock the door to cells, allowing them to uptake sugar for energy. When working properly, the pancreas gland will release insulin with meals to keep the sugar within the desired range.

Sugar is measured most commonly with an A1c test– a standardized scale used to measure how much sugar is stuck on the outside of red blood cells. Think of comparing corn flakes to frosted flakes- the more excess sugar, the more frosting will be detected on the red blood cells. Since red cells live 90 days, the test will provide a report card of the average sugar result over the previous 90 days. Fasting is not required.

The three most common forms of diabetes that Americans experience are:

Selected complications of diabetes

1) a leading cause of blindness ,
2) the most common cause of kidney failure requiring dialysis ,
3) nerve pain or loss of sensation , in feet and hands,
4) sexual function (erections and clitoral stimulation )
5) artery blockages leading to stroke and heart attack
6) foot ulcers and poor healing
7) GI symptoms from poor stomach emptying (gastroparesis)

Detecting And Preventing Diabetes

For most individuals, a healthy lifestyle can make great strides in preventing diabetes . The risk of progressing from prediabetes to diabetes can be cut in HALF with serious diet and exercise changes.

The best way to detect diabetes, warning signs of diabetes, and to help manage your health overall is to stay current with annual wellness checks, or physicals, as provided here at Treasure Valley Family Medicine. We will keep an eye on your blood sugar and other health components through these routine checks and can help you know about changes that may be needed.

Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease, and as such there is no easy cure. However, you do not have to be ruled by it. Dr. Crownover and the TVFM team can help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes and take your life back .

We are well versed in all the oral pill therapy options for diabetes as well as daily and weekly injectable therapies. The most important treatment we provide, though, is education. We help our patients learn about sugar, insulin and how their medicines work. If insulin is necessary, we show how to target the post meal sugar spikes (hyperglycemia) which cause the damage to end target organs (eyes, kidneys, brain, heart, nerves), through intensive teaching on how each insulin type functions, and simple ways patients can manage their own insulin dose adjustments and blood sugar spikes.

A recent advancement to guide decision making is available at TVFM – a professional continuous glucose monitor. Known as the Free Style Libre System , it is a thin sensor worn on the back of the arm for up to 14 days. It can even go in the shower or bathtub. It provides round the clock data on sugar levels which helps to make fine adjustments in insulin therapy and safely reduce high blood sugar. The sensor is applied in the office, and the patient returns in two weeks for removal of the sensor and data analysis.

Ask How We Can Help

If you are concerned about diabetes or want to understand your own risks, please call us today. Dr. Crownover and our staff are here to help you make the necessary adjustments to prevent the development of diabetes or manage the condition if diagnosed. We can help you take charge of your diabetes by providing the teaching and tools needed to limit its effect on you and your family.

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