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Common skin concerns evaluated & treated

Skin diseases are very common in the United States, affecting 1 in 3 Americans at any given time. Among nondermatologists (who treat the majority of skin concerns in the US), Family Physicians care for the greatest number of skin diseases.

 Skin conditions we can help you treat:

  • Infections: cellulitis, abscess, yeast, tinea, ingrown nails, shingles/zoster
  • Eczema, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis
  • Acne vulgaris (teenager type) and Acne Rosacea
  • Benign tumors: lipomas, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, epidermoid cysts
  • Suspicious moles: biopsy & removal
  • Warts, skin tags
  • Seborrhea, Psoriasis
  • Hives/Urticaria, allergic reactions
  • Lacerations

We can help manage your conditions with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), punch biopsies, shave excisions, elliptical excisions, incision and drainage, suturing, steroid injections, as well as prescribing oral and topical prescriptions medications.

What Our Patients Are Saying:

  • Everyone in the office makes me feel comfortable

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  • Was impressed by the nurse taking my blood. She hit my vein the very first time. I have had trouble in other places.

    Anonymous Patient

  • Great staff! Friendly and helpful each time I've been in.

    Anonymous Patient

  • Thank you so much for the extra special care from your nurse who froze off a lot of unsightly moles on my back and head! # ur the best!!

    Anonymous Patient

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