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Treasure Valley Family Medicine follows the United States Preventative Service Task Force for guidelines regarding appropriate screening tests for all age groups. You can enter your age, gender and other basic information into the USPSTF Preventive Services website to see what the current recommendations are for your age. Please go to the following link:
USPSTF Preventive Services Recommendations

Medicare also has specific guidelines that are expected to be discussed at Medicare Annual Wellness Examinations. Additional information can be found at:
Medicare Annual Wellness Physical

Consistent with current recommendations, traditional “head-to-toe” physical exams on healthy adults are no longer recommended; they provide minimal value. In contrast, a targeted check-up addressing your specific health conditions and screening recommendations is very useful.

Bottom line, we want to “choose wisely” which tests you receive to maximize the benefits to you.
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If you have a physical/wellness exam, please know this does not include any medical issues unique to you (high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.).

Under insurance company billing rules, physical/wellness exams and treatment of your specific medical problems are two different services, even if both are performed during a single visit.

Doctors are required to document and bill each separately.

What this means to you is that when you receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company, you may see two office visits listed. One will be zero copay (annual wellness physical), but the other will be billed as a routine office visit. Any amount that is shown as not covered under the general physical/wellness exam is considered by insurance company policy as patient responsibility; the deductible or coinsurance is billed to the patient/insured.

Our clinic finds these insurance policies to be misleading and confusing. They violate patient expectations for a “zero copay” annual physical visit that should include review of all health conditions and medication adjustments. We apologize for any frustration they generate, and will continue to provide accurate information, in compliance with insurance payer policies.

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