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At Treasure Valley Family Medicine, we are committed to comprehensively caring for ALL of you. As full-service physicians for your medical care, we understand that in some cases there are mental health issues that impact your overall well-being. In addition to coordinating care with counselors for talk therapy, Dr. Crownover can help with psychiatric medication management.


Why would Dr. Crownover spend the time and energy to gain the expertise and experience to prescribe medications that most primary care doctors do not? Upon retiring from the US Air Force and arriving in Idaho, he was struck by the extreme need for mental health help for many patients. Many folks needed help with diabetes, back pain or asthma, but when mental health needs were untreated, people were unable to focus on addressing these traditional concerns.


Since Family Medicine philosophy emphasizes that primary care experts should focus on the needs of the community they serve – and Idaho clearly has the need to increase access to medications which improve mental health – Dr. Crownover has committed to helping children and adults with both physical and mental health needs.

Mental Health Statistics

The National Association of Mental Illness has published sobering numbers regarding the high prevalence of Mental Health issues in our communities:

  • Nearly 20% of all U.S. adults suffer from a mental health condition in a given year
  • This rate is DOUBLE the number of people who suffer from diabetes
  • 1 in 25 U.S. adults suffer a mental illness severe enough to interfere with their daily life
  • 13% of children ages 8 to 15, and over 20% of teens experience a severe mental disorder
  • Nearly 20% of adults have experienced an anxiety disorder.

Mental health treatment is often stigmatized; who wants to see a “head shrinker” or be labeled as “crazy”? Folks say, “I don’t want to be dependent on a medicine.”

We prefer to think of talk therapy and medication therapy as tools. Such tools can help you function better. Nobody objects to using glasses to see better, or a cane to walk safely. Are these not tools that help you get through the day easier? Medications are also tools that help you perform at the level you expect. You can get along without them, but when indicated you can function much better with them.

Mental Health Treatment Options

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, autism, bipolar mania, obsessions, developmental disability, schizophrenia or hallucinations, many treatment options are available.


We will educate you, and help navigate options to facilitate a treatment path that you understand and are comfortable using.


  • 1Lifestyle changes
    • •   Adjustments to your lifestyle can help reduce some of your symptoms. Changes from adopting a new diet to exercise or new activities can have profound impacts on your mental well-being
  • 2Counseling referrals
    • •   Talk therapy, or counseling, is a powerful tool in understanding and overcoming a mental health condition. We can refer you to some great local professionals to find someone who fits you and your needs.
    • •   We strongly recommend counseling for almost all patients; if medications help to restore HOW your brain functions, talk therapy is useful to help WHAT you focus on and replace damaging thought patterns with healthy coping strategies.
  • 3Prescription medications
    • •   We offer the full range of common psychiatric medicines, and provide recommended surveillance on-site (ECG or laboratory monitoring), which is often unavailable at many other medication management clinics.


What to Expect

When you come to TVFM and are experiencing mental health issues, you can expect a welcoming environment free of judgment or assumptions. We will take down routine medical information, LISTEN to your mental health concerns, and then EDUCATE you on options to improve both your physical and mental health. We choose to combine treatment for all your health care needs, because holistic, whole-person care is the best way to care for you and our community.

What Our Patients Are Saying:

  • Dr. Crownover always takes all the time I need and always listens and respects my thoughts on my healthcare.

    Anonymous Patient

  • Dr. Crownover spent almost 2 hours with me making sure I had recalled previous conditions and treatments. I really appreciate his approach and frank manner in helping me recall various medical facts about my past treatments.

    Anonymous Patient

  • Thank you Dr. Crownover for making me comfortable enough to openly speak with you and for your great understanding and knowledge of appropriate medications that meet my needs. I appreciate that easy to understand verbiage you use to explain health versus medication issues etc. You're one of the most pleasant and efficient doctors... thank you for all you do for me and my wife.

    Anonymous Patient

  • All my experiences with Dr. Crownover have been great. He's always been very attentive to all my concerns and/or health related issues and very thorough in explanations as to treatments/medications both and I find him very helpful and trust him entirely!

    Anonymous Patient

  • Dr. Crownover always takes all the time I need and always listens and respects my thoughts on my healthcare.

    Anonymous Patient

  • … recommended an adjunct medication which allowed me to sleep on difficult nights when needed. It did not conflict with my other medications and gave me, the patient, an option where it resulted in sleep under those difficult conditions. There are many other examples of where he involved his expertise for my health treatment. I have a very complex case too long to list in this posting.

    Anonymous Patient

  • No one likes to talk about such things, so I will say this for all you who struggle with mental health issues. I too am a mental health patient and I was struggling immensely when Dr. Crownover first saw me. He has always been extraordinary patient, explains anything I don’t understand- even going as far to draw pictures on a white board! - and really listens and cares. I was a depressed, still cycling -bipolar -detached from reality, and riddled by constant crushing anxiety. He is an EXCELLENT mental health provider and you will ge better seeing this doc in conjunction with counseling services. You don’t have to live like I was.

    Via Facebook

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