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Seasonal Flu Shots

TVFM is here for you and your family year-round, and that includes Flu season. In the United States, influenza season can begin as early as October and last as late as May. During Flu season, we are here with the most up to date information, education, and vaccinations for you.

While the peak of Flu season is nearly impossible to predict precisely, vaccine experts and TVFM recommend that you get your vaccine as soon as the vaccines are available – which is right now! Vaccines take approximately two weeks to cause your body to create antibodies which last for the duration of Flu season. Waiting until later in the season to time your injection offers ZERO advantage.

There is a lot of miscommunication and rumors about the Flu shot every year. Here are some answers to our common questions:

Do Flu Shots Help?

Can The Flu Shot Make Me Get The Flu?

Is The Flu Shot Safe?

Final Thoughts On The Flu Shot

At TVFM, we stock the higher quality, Quadrivalent vaccine this year: Flucelvax. Quadrivalent vaccines cover additional B strain influenza and further reduce hospitalization. https://goo.gl/GPtTFe

Also, as a cell-based Flu vaccine, Fluad has a much smaller amount of egg protein; mass production of this vaccine does not occur in eggs and is even safer for people with an egg allergy.

As manufacturer supplies allow, we also offer Fluzone (HIGH dose quadrivalent) vaccine. This vaccine is approved for people over 65 years of age; it contains 4x the usual antigen load to promote a higher antibody response, with the trade-off of more muscle aches afterwards.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the American Association of Pediatrics, are recommending the following for the Flu season:

For other questions, see what the CDC is saying about the 2022-2023 Flu season.

In conclusion, please contact Treasure Valley Family Medicine to get your family vaccinated today. We are happy to vaccinate family and friends who are not enrolled at our clinic but still need their Flu shot.

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