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Seeking Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare Services Near Boise?

Are you searching for comprehensive women’s healthcare in the Boise area? Look no further. At Treasure Valley Family Medicine, we offer a wide range of services to address various health concerns and needs.. We strive to provide personalized and compassionate care to all our patients.

Comprehensive Women’s Health Services near Boise

Treasure Valley Family Medicine is dedicated to offering quality care for all stages of life. Our team of dedicated health practitioners strives to build a personalized relationship with patients while addressing their individual needs, from well-woman visits to contraception, hormone replacement and beyond.



Preventive Care and Screening

Treasure Valley Family Medicine provides preventive care and screenings for women’s health. Through our commitment to comprehensive care, our patients can trust that they will receive the optimal treatment. Regular checkups help in detecting any potential issues early so that appropriate measures can be taken. According to the American Cancer Society, cervical cancer testing (screening) should begin at age 25. Standard testing includes a “co-test” that combines an HPV test with a Papanicolaou (Pap) screening every 5 years.

Menopause Management

Treasure Valley Family Medicine helps women during the natural menopause transition by providing appropriate treatment plans and support. The average age of onset is 51 years old, but may begin normally as early as 40 years old. Common symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and disruption to sleep patterns. With proper support from experienced healthcare providers at Treasure Valley Family Medicine, it’s possible to maintain your quality of life throughout all stages of menopause, meaning that your normal daily activities can still be enjoyed despite any challenges – with our without hormone replacement. Women are fully supported through every step when seeking help from the Treasure Valley Family Medicine team. The right guidance will ensure you have a smooth experience.

Minimally Invasive Office Procedures

Treasure Valley Family Medicine provides efficient solutions for patients who may have reluctancy or concerns with minimally invasive procedures. We take your comfort and privacy seriously with our range of procedures such as endometrial biopsies, IUD insertions/removals, and Nexplanon insertions/removals. We encourage questions and will do everything possible to make your visit as comfortable as possible

Endometrial Biopsy

Treasure Valley Family Medicine utilizes reliable diagnostic tools for detecting potential uterine cancer. Endometrial biopsies are an effective test, and the results of this 10–15-minute procedure range from 67% up to 100% accuracy. During the procedure, you may experience light cramping or bleeding like those during a menstrual period. This feeling usually decreases within 10–20 minutes after the procedure has been completed.

IUD Insertion

Our doctors at Treasure Valley Family Medicine provide IUD insertion services. Intrauterine devices are an option for contraception with both hormonal and non-hormonal forms available. Progesterone IUDs such as Mirena or Skyla prevent pregnancy and reduce menstrual cramps/lighten periods. For those desiring contraception only without hormones, the ParaGard Copper T IUDs are useful. The doctor will use a speculum to insert the device inside the uterus. You may experience some initial discomfort due to cramping. Although there are potential side effects associated with this method of birth control, our medical providers will guide you through this process so that you can make informed decisions on what best meets your requirements when it comes to contraceptive options.

Primary Care for Women

At Treasure Valley Family Medicine, primary care is fundamental to ensuring the holistic health and welfare of women. Our clinic offers a range of services for managing ailments like hypertension, mental health, autoimmune disease, and thyroid disorders to name a few, as well as comprehensive wellness and preventative exams for our patients.

Women face various medical challenges and risks at different times throughout life, such as coronary disease, diabetes mellitus, or breast cancer, which necessitate tailored healthcare options from professionals who provide female health & gynecology services. By offering the FULL range of primary care treatment options designed for women’s needs, our health professionals are not confined to the limited range of concerns traditionally provided in a womens’ health center; we treat the whole person.

Collaborative Approach to Women’s Health in the Boise Area

Treasure Valley Family Medicine has a cooperative method of attending to women’s health, as the team works closely with their patients to address any issues or worries. In this collaborative approach, we’ll help coordinate any services not offered (such as inpatient hospital care/labor and delivery care) to various healthcare professionals and work together to ensure thorough and personalized care. We keep a short list of trusted colleagues that we will recommend if other physicians are needed to provide more niche-focused care.

The collaboration between providers and patients is based on communication, cooperation, and ultimately an informed patient, leading to superior outcomes for female health. Treasure Valley Family Medicine remains committed to providing its patients in the Boise and surrounding area with successful treatment plans.

Treasure Valley Family Medicine: Meeting Women’s Health Needs While Prioritizing a Comfort and Privacy

Treasure Valley Family Medicine near Boise, ID has a team of professional health providers—both front office and back office clinical staff—who are focused on delivering personal treatment for every patient while being conscious of their comfort during each visit.

The staff at Treasure Valley Family Medicine provide a welcoming environment and access to the necessary medical assistance so that patients can live a healthy life full of opportunities.

Patient Testimonials and Experiences

At Treasure Valley Family Medicine, our patient satisfaction rating is exceptionally high and we encourage our patients to look over our Google reviews. They will find that our patients are appreciative of our personalized care services. Patients have mentioned that medical records were handled quickly and efficiently while they praised the friendly staff for delivering quality healthcare treatment.

The added convenience of being able to electronically communicate with a doctor over our Athena health portal also creates an additional level of comfort among our patients.

These positive testimonies demonstrate our commitment to providing optimal healthcare for women at Treasure Valley Family Medicine, which ultimately contributes to realizing healthy outcomes.

Visit Treasure Valley Family Medicine for Women’s Health & Gynecology Physician Services

We are committed to providing women near Boise with the highest quality of personalized and compassionate care. Our focus is on preventive services, primary healthcare needs, minimally invasive procedures and working together as a team for each woman’s wellbeing.

We attend to an array of health-related concerns, all designed to ensure that you receive optimum levels of health support at every step on your journey. Whether it’s preventive measures, management during medical conditions, or birth control options, our team stands ready to assist!

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