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And We’ll Prove It!

Do you find yourself unsatisfied with your current physician’s office? Are you dissatisfied with:

• Physicians Rushing Through Your Appointment

• Doctors & Nurses Not Listening To You or Taking You Seriously

• Prescriptions Called In Late

• Hidden Fees

• Inexperienced Doctors And Support Staff

• Medical Terminology Use Instead Of Plain Language

• Lack Of Input Into Your Treatment Plan

• Over-scheduling/Not Being Able To Be Seen When Needed

• Misdiagnosis

• Feeling Like A Number, Not A Person

• Bait And Switch – Expect To See Your Doctor And Get Someone Else

• Rude Doctors & Staff

• Previous Records Not Being Considered In Appointments

Then it may be time to try a new home for your medical needs.

How can Treasure Valley Family Medicine completely change the way you think about going to the doctor?

1 We Make Longer Appointments
• Our appointments are not limited by short appointment slots. We take the time to get to know you and truly find out why you’re seeking help. We value the doctor/patient relationship, want to get to know you and be an integral part of your health & wellness.
2 We’re An Independent & Comprehensive Primary Care Clinic
• By being independent we do not have administrators across town or out of state telling us how to take care of you. We have the autonomy to give you sufficient time. If we see fewer patients and deliver higher quality service, that’s okay! We do not have to run shorter visits, crank high throughput and bill you extra to pay for hospital bureaucracies; we are not hospital owned.
• When you have multiple physicians taking care of you and each is taking care of just one or two things they often don’t talk to each other. Things can get dropped or duplicated but when you have one person… “one captain of the ship” then we’re able to make sure that everything is coordinated together. This also allows us to make sure that you can have fewer visits, fewer co-pays and better coordinated care overall.
3 Prompt & Friendly Service
• By keeping our patient membership smaller than typical big-box clinics, we reserve time every day for short notice needs that pop up.If you need to be seen, you will be.
• Our doctors & staff are here because we enjoy what we do & we offer friendly service with a smile.

Still Not Convinced

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